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Digital care plan
task tracking app
senior living

Manage caregiver performance and
capture billing opportunities with data
Track Caregiver Performance

No more wondering in the dark Our app tracks caregiver productivities. It identifies performance gaps to enable facilities to take action.

Capture Revenue

Avoid underbilling and caregiver burnout - our real-time data reflects residents’ changes in care needs. It enables productive billing conversations and more labor budget.

Retain Best Caregivers

More retention with the right people - Team recognition and customizable bonus/point incentive made easy for facilities to retain the best performers, irrelevant of your budget.

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How it works

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Better Care Quality

The live care tracking data empowers facilities with transparency and the ability to performance manage care staff.

It provides fairness, enables recognition, and incentivizes team engagement among caregivers.

More Revenue

The resident care request tracking engine monitors residents' unscheduled service requests in real-time.

It alerts facilities when a billing conversation is appropriate. It also empowers the administrator with the data for a productive conversation.

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How it works
Assisted living facilities:

"It's built with all parties in mind."

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