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Modern operator tools designed for
senior living

Capture missing revenue, retain performing caregivers, and save time for operators
Caregiver app


A single platform that works better together


Track Caregiver Performance

No more wondering in the dark - Our app tracks caregiver productivities. It identifies performance gaps to enable facilities to take actions.

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Capture Revenue

Avoid underbilling and caregiver burnout - our real-time data reflects residents’ changes in care needs. It enables productive billing conversations and a more flexible labor budget.

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Retain Best Caregivers

More retention with the right people - Team recognition and customizable incentives are made easy for facilities to retain the best performers, irrelevant of your budget.

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Care Staff

We bring joy to care staff by lightening their documentation burden, enhancing information sharing, and fostering a culture of appreciation.

It saves time, provides fairness, and incentivizes team engagement.


More Care

We monitor and analyze residents' care data in real time.

It alerts facilities when a billing conversation is appropriate. It also empowers the administrator with the data for a productive conversation.

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Manage from Anywhere

We understand you are busy, so we email you the cliff notes, enabling you to easily grasp the health of your operation and review it on the go.

When you have more time, our insight tool offers you the opportunity to delve deeper and craft your strategy with actionable insights.

About Us

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As an experienced operations executive at Uber and Lime, Jessie Lucci lived and breathed the benefits of leveraging data and technology to manage growth, efficiency and staff engagement.

Jessie first encountered the senior living industry when she searched for a facility for her grandma. She quickly learned that the communities often rely on paper or legacy systems to manage their operations. She became obsessed with searching for a better solution. To research, Jessie worked as a caregiver for months at a senior living facility.

Through her research, Jessie repeatedly found that facility management felt frustrated with too many reports without actionable insights and too few tools to incentivize and retain staff. For caregivers, the lack of user-friendly tools and appreciation leads to time waste and low staff engagement.

Facilities, caregivers, and families are crucial and intertwined roles in supporting elders. The best solution has to smoothly achieve that balance, with all parties in mind. 

With that, Jessie and her team leverage the most advanced technology to build AllieHealth to serve care staff, operators, and their existing workflows. Combining the efforts of leading senior living operators and advisors, AllieHealth is helping senior living businesses seamlessly improve staff engagement, care quality, and the facility's bottom line.

About Us

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It's built with all parties in mind.


Assisted living facilities

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11801 Domain Blvd 3rd floor,
Austin, TX 78758

Tel: 847-868-4463

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